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The Event Horizon


An animation that demonstrates the effect an e...

Event Horizon Animation

Seems that as you get closer to seeing the work “done”, the further it seems to appear that “finished” is moving away.  It’s almost like the macro level work gets you so close and then all the details start showing up and you begin to realize just how much more needs to be done to get it all tightened up, running the way you want, looking the way you want, and maintainable the way you want.

Graph of overdamped and critically damped

Overdamped and Critically Damped



I find myself in more discussions with business professionals, clients, and prospective clients talking about the trade-off’s between quality, cost, and speed.    And, like a mirage, the ideal of achieving all objectives simultaneously seems just out of reach – elusive but deceptively close.  Like those mirrors that say that “things are closer than they appear”.





So I have been pondering if the event horizon is rounded or an edge – do you keep going or fall off?  If you close the gap to the edge as percentages can you ever get there or is it asymptotic?  Like six sigma, perhaps it is the ideal itself and better awareness of the parameters in the system that is the ultimate success.  Appreciating where you are, when you are, and how you are rather than getting to an end point that paradoxically seems to be moving further away.

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Testing New Theme

Getting a feel for changes in theme, sidebar, elements, code, etc.  Feels a little like sending up test rockets to see if they will reach orbit. ;)  The WordPress philosophy is quite interesting.


Visualization of the various routes through a ...

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Hello world – brenttward site!

Requisite first post for posterity! :)


Violet smiley

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