Jun 21

What is the ROI for an Executive MBA degree?

Maximum ROI

Maximum ROI

Reposted from original article: www.mbalifecycle.com (source:Percept Research)


Before investing all of the time and money in an 18- to 20- month program, one has to wonder if EMBA students and their organizations see a return on investment (ROI)?

According to the 2009 MBA Student Exit Benchmarking Survey conducted by Percept Research, the payoffs are tremendous!

In 2009, almost all (97 percent) of the 3,348 executive MBA students who participated in the survey say their MBA programs met or exceeded their expectations for the impact on their career. The same percentage of students also stated that their MBA program met or exceeded their expectations for the impact on their organization.

Assuming that they had to pay the full program cost, 2009 graduates estimated a payback period of 49 months to recover the cost of their investment.  Due to the economic downturn, this payback period is up from 43 months, the expected payback period for 2008 graduates.  During the course of the program, average student salaries rose 9 percent to $136,722, according to the survey.

No doubt, a salary increase is a plus, and a salary bump indicates that the employer recognizes improved value. But is increased pay the only reason emerging business leaders pursue an EMBA?

Students and alumni state other benefits that money can’t begin to buy.

For full article: www.mbalifecycle.com (Percept Research)


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